Loading Day - 14/09/2019

From 3 pm to 12 am at Pátio CCOP

Open Museum with  Nelson Duarte

From 3 pm to 6 pm 


Nelson Duarte promotes a workshop in which each participant will be a member of the experimentation community that will be created to produce a mural. This mural, as an open space for receiving images, collages and photomontages, will be dynamized and manufactured by all those who participate in the activity.


The open museum is free to attend, to all generations. In the case of essentially to investigate old and new forms of manipulation and reframing image by using a photocopier.


About Nelson Duarte

Action primate, always requires something to do, expresses his joy at seeing an important paper, never tires of over exploiting, his almost hidden pleasure, with a calm temperament, and introverted, stays long periods as if absorbed in thoughts, slowly traverses the results that vary from one experiment to another, depending on his moods and temperament. Seeking subjective influences, becoming as much as possible an invisible experimenter, but in certain cases, a stimulus between memory and imagination is necessary, so that the animal could obtain the maximum yield, because he invents a multitude of games.


+ nelsonduarte.tumblr.com


Inflatable Studio by El Palmeral

From 3pm to 6pm at Pátio CCOP


El Palmeral proposes to understand the photographic process, returning to the the beginnings of photography, to these huge and seemingly rudimentary devices to understandhow it forms and how an image attaches.

An inflatable with a wooden box on top is what you will see on the outside. At the interior, a darkroom and a photo lab with everything you need to fix images of the exterior.

This workshop is intended for anyone who wants to try and learn this process by creating images. All generations will be able to participate in this activity for free.


About El Palmeral

El Palmeral Studio is a collective dedicated to architecture, photography and animation. For their projects, use the didactics to create and generate collective processes in the which learning is another result of experience.


+ elpalmeral.in




From 7 pm to 8.30 pm

More info soon.

Projections Night

From 10 pm to 12 am


Loading returns with an exhibition’s night of the photographic and audiovisual projects in progress.


The open call for the projects that pretend to be exhibited during this projection’s night is open till the 23/08/2019 - 11:59pm (GMT). To participate, check the terms here.