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Demi Tour de France


The artist duo Demi Tour de France, Marie Bouthier and Anouck Lemarquis, will propose a collaborative exhibition during one week at the OMuseu of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Oporto University, where everyone is invited to come and participate (public, students, members of the faculty, artists, etc.)

The Open Museum is based on two main principles: 1) the use of the database from the art school library, the archives, and the visual material collected by Demi Tour de France. 2) the use of a copymachine and a limited number of pages by participant.

The main idea will be to make the « Open museum » a place where people will come create their own fiction and stories and complete little by little the walls of the gallery within a common sense of what is already there and what will come, and moreover within a reflection of « economy of resources ». The forms produced during the week and exhibited can be multiples: posters, fanzines, walls of pages, but will always depend of the technical options of the copymachine (black and white, color, A3, A4, etc.)

In parallel, the artist duo will create his own storytelling thought in one hand as an echo of what people will propose and in the other hand, on their relation to the city of Porto that they will be visiting for the first time, like an Odyssey, a journey in a new territory.

The process of creation is here more important than the final result itself and everything can be at the same time thought like a construction or a deconstruction, but must still remains OPEN.

A performative and collective exhibition.

Festival around the image : : : 23 – 29 de July : : : Porto, Portugal : : :