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Portable gallery | Susana Lourenço Marques, Pierrot le Fou

Pierrot le Fou proposes the realization of an itinerant and portable gallery, hosting projects of photography and video, with an initial program of three exhibitions reflecting on ways to live and use the city. As an object, it’s formalized as a miniaturized imaginary building, inspired in Boîte-en-Valise by Marcel Duchamp, provoking the notion of the spectator's privacy and making ambiguous the sense of scale. Through unpublished projects, the photographers Katalin Déer, Carlos Lobo and Dinis Santos are invited to take advantage of the specificity of this object-space, especially the challenges of perception and proportion rehearsed in it, assuming the act of exposing as a way of continuous experimentation of the works and, as in a dark camera, transforming each exposure into a mediating mechanism of perception. Built to be autonomous, it is allowed to be installed outside the conventional artistic spaces.

Poetry and Photography | Horácio Fernandez

Horácio Fernández will talk about the relationship between poetry and photography. Reflecting on how poems and images have been related throughout history, how they have generated spaces to coexist, live together, relate and influence each other on a surface they share since photography exists as such: the book. This conversation will go through and analyse different poets and photographers and works that arise from their influences and even from their collaborations, in an attempt to recognize how these have been related in the Ibero-American context.

The Backup Project | Tiago Casanova

The Backup Project is a conceptual and interactive project that focuses on the total file accessibility of personal photo archive. A reflection about photography, memory and photobooks. The photograph is assumed as fiction, an interpretation of reality, as the perspective of the photographer is never totally transmitted, being always subject to interpretation, where each spectator applies their own memories and experiences to read a selection of images. In this project the system is inverted, assuming the subjectivity around the interpretation of the image and instead of working on the editing and selection of images, one assumes randomness and coincidence. This is a book where each copy is unique and randomly constructed by the buyer through an interactive website.

This project is the result of a continuous search around memory, archive and the binomial reality /fiction, where the role of photography is questioned as an alternative memory process. How people archive these memories and the differences between the interpretation of a memory by its own producer or by independent viewers.

The Rising Card | Walter Costa

The Rising Card provokes creativity with a pack of tips, exercises and reflections on editing and visual narratives, with a special focus on the process of creating a photobook.

This project was born to help authors, editors and teachers come closer to today's biggest challenge. As images inexorably invade the world, the decisions to edit photographs and create new narratives are very important. With a playful format inspired by the Oblique Strategies by musician Brian Eno, The Rising Card brings to the photographic universe the same goal of stimulating lateral thinking and trust in chance as a creative engine. From cinema to poetry, the contents of this tarot are constantly updated with contributions from renowned "guest players" from everywhere.

Editorial process | David-Alexandre Guéniot, Ghost Editions

Ghost Editions intends to develop the editor's "know-how" theme, defining the skills, objectives, and limitations of the publisher and the photographer as the author. In this conference, it is intended to show the editorial process of an edited photobook or a book still in process of being edited. This presentation will serve as an opportunity to think about the photobook process - the different ways in reaching an editorial, graphic or technical solution - valuing the trial, the error, the model, the "waiting".

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