The project Digital Anatomy will dissect and group the obsolete corpse parts of computers as if they were a digital anatomy study, examining in detail and thorough the different internal organs it has.

Arnau Blanch will try to understand how the virtual world manifests itself in the physical world. To do this, he will perform autopsies on the devices we dispose of. He will become, during the week of the residence in Loading Fest, a digital forensic.

Through the chemical processes of photography, the processes without camera, the capture of images of these technological corpses. Through the black and white metaphor of the binary code, the artist will record these dissections to obtain an anatomical record of the devices and to make participants aware of how physically this world comes to be manifested as virtual, without a bodily part.

Chrisitian Lagata


During the week, Chrisitian Lagata will develop an exercise based on the practice of walking, physical recognition and the reuse of found objects and different assemblage practices. Focusing on Campanhã and its surroundings, the areas adjoining the Porto-Campanhã Station and the Douro River, approaching certain landscapes where society abandons the waste it produces and in which nature is absorbed by the artificial. Completing the exercise documenting these areas, photographing them and collecting found objects with the aim of storing them in a deposit built with concrete bricks, a deposit that tells us how these entropic landscapes are strongly linked to the development of capitalism and how these discarded objects affect the natural.

Festival around the image : : : 23 – 29 de July : : : Porto, Portugal : : :